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Who is Liliane Bruneau

Lili love la vie, Liliane Bruneau, outstanding business woman! is the title "Dame Plume" gave to her book. The book is a specially written book on Liliane Bruneau's career.

If you wish to purchase a copy of the book on Liliane Bruneau's career, the price is $50.00. To join the artist :

Ghislaine Boissonneault
11 rue Prince
Nortbertville, Qc
G0P 1B0
Telephone : (819) 369-8126

Email : dameplume@ivic.qc.ca

Les Carnets de Dame Plume

Les carnets de Dame Plume offer guidance and support for your writing project, with the utmost respect for its content. For limited editions, with or without pictures. Writing, transcription, revising and proofreading of manuscripts or recordings. Biographies, souvenir books (friends, family, passions, travels, etc.), special projects. If you have a hidden treasure, Dame Plume wants to know. A gift, for yourself or others. Package or hourly rates.